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Visual artist and writer

Creativity anytime, anyplace, come rain or shine.
A man of technology, a lover of wine, cinema, music, food and all the great things that allowed him to reinvent himself and to share his dreams, sleeplessness and anguish, through art. 



Ian Mont (Cuba, 1972)

Cuban artist living in exile in Barcelona since 2007. He lives on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and creates his artwork in the small town of Calella.

Starting from scratch

This is not the first time that an emigrant had to reinvent himself in order to survive elsewhere. Above all, fending for yourself can be quite an adventure, even without the language barrier.

Painting in the DNA

You can develop your talent and bring your technical skills to a very high level, but if painting is not in your DNA, if there is no direct connection between hand and eye, smell and touch, there is nothing to be done…

Audiovisual works

Some of Ian Mont's short films available online

The clips are produced in their entirety by the artist.




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